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Dropbox App


Create a seamless user experience between platforms and drive repeat visitors.

I designed the entire user experience from start to finish and oversaw the development. I also contributed to the go-to-market and product strategies.

Getting started

Users access the app from Dropbox by hovering over the “Open with” link next to their document, then selecting Nitro from the list of connected apps. Their document automatically opens within the Nitro app and the user is on their way.

The tools

Users can convert documents, fill and sign forms, organize pages and optimize files for faster web viewing. These features were chosen by looking at the most commonly completed tasks within the web-based product Nitro Sign (Then known as Nitro Cloud).

Convert files

Users can convert their PDFs to multiple different filetypes, and once complete, the files are automatically saved directly to their Dropbox account.

Fill and sign forms

Users can fill out forms by dragging and dropping various different fields directly onto the document. If the user already has an account, then these fields are automatically filled in to make the process even easier.

Organize pages

Rotate, rearrange, and delete pages either one by one, or select multiple pages to do a batch edit.

Optimize for web

Reduce files sizes for faster viewing online. Users can either saved the optimized file as a new file or replace the original.

After completion

Once the user has completed the action, they are presented with the option to sign up for Nitro or learn more about what Nitro can do.